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    1500 kWp Chirpan Solar Power Plant - Bulgaria
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    2214 kWp Dimitrovgrad Solar Power Plant – Bulgaria
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    1500 kWp Troyanovo Solar Power Plant – Bulgaria
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    1270 kWp Lefkosia Solar Power Plant – Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
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    27 kWp Anel Business Center Solar FV System – Istanbul
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    100 kWp Komotini Solar Power Plant – Greece
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    5300 kWp Malatya TÖTM GES
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    59.22 kWp İzmit Ekopark Solar Power Plant
Technical Specifications

How do photovoltaic panels generate electricity?

The photons in sunlight supply the energy that moves electrons from one layer of a conductive metallic chip plate to another. Charges separate. Electrons are moved from layer P to layer N. This movement of the electrons creates a current. An electrical charge is generated. The layer between layer P and layer N and the solar cell become a battery that have positive and negative poles.


A solar panel is created by connecting multiple units.


The number of cells in a module is determined by the desired power output of the module and voltage.